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Masala Maggi made with Onion Mantra

A quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz4MUKhAQhQ Masala Maggi. Maggi is much m...   Read More


Masal Oats recipe video made easy with Onion Mantra

Watch this quick video on how to make  Healthy & Tasty OATS.https://www.youtube.c...   Read More


Omelette Made Easy with Onion Mantra

1.    Masala Omelette :)  Time for a quick snack. https://www.you...   Read More


Paneer Recipe made easy with KMF products

       Paneer Recipe Video  Here's an easy Paneer recipe (veg)...   Read More


Chicken Recipe Made with Onion Mantra & Garlic Mantra

Chicken Recipe Video - A Simple to use a wonderful product. Hello! Here's a quick&nbs...   Read More


Onion Mantra - About

Onion Mantra - An Introduction video. javascript:nicTemp();Find out what is...   Read More


Onion Mantra dedicated to the real heroes of our lives!

The word  "Food,"  in a flash b...   Read More